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Arizona City — April 15, 2015

Arizona City

Day one of officially traveling! We have spent 10 months in Benson in an rv, but that didn’t mean we have really been rving. Annie coughed a lot during the night, so worried about her, but her cough is about gone now. We went to the donut shop for the “last” donut. Neil, Tena, Dad, Rosa, Stuart, Lynne, Glenn and James were there, so we had our morning discussion and laugh and got our last hug from them for a little while. Got the papers for the 5th wheel notarized and dropped off to Elite. Went back to St David, hooked up and headed west. We stopped at Costco and got our glasses adjusted. They are so nice and professional there. Back on the road, then on the Casa Grande. This is technically Casa Grande I guess, or at least they are in the directory under Casa Grande, but really think it is Arizona City. Anyhow, we are at High Chaparral RV Park. It is nice and quiet here, the snowbirds have cleared out. We aren’t even letting the slide out tonight. Just being lazy. Not excited about going through Phoenix, but it has to be done.

Sunday April 12 — April 12, 2015

Sunday April 12

We are getting ready to travel, finally! It has taken nearly a year to get to this point. We hate leaving the Benson area, we have been here since June 9 of 2014. Poor little Annie has been under the weather…off and on. About the time we get ready to take her to a vet, she starts coming around. I think it is allergies to the cottonwood trees down here at St David. It is cool and rainy today, so it is a good inside and rest day. Have even had a little time to bead today, that makes it a good day!

April 7, 2015 — April 7, 2015
Day 2 — June 8, 2014

Day 2

We awoke to rain, thunder and lightening. The rain was so loud! We left Cedar Valley RV park and headed west on 105 to Kingfisher, then headed south till we hit I-40. It was nice to not have to hit OKC traffic! We didn’t have to drive very far in the rain, but the trailer is covered with red mud. We stayed at KC RV park in Clovis, on the east side of town. After we got settled in, I checked the weather in my iPad. It showed we were under a tornado watch. We went to the office to see where we should go if weather got really bad. She insisted that the weatherman said it was all going north of us, but she said we could go in the laundry room if it got rough. We turned on the tv…well, the Amarillo station announced recruiting after it was too late. He said it would go north, then if you are in the city to take cover now! It was pouring down rain, lightening, thunder and hail. We can’t leave the trailer. It seemed like forever before it finally quit.

Day 1 of retirement —